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Berkhampstead Netball 90s Golf fashion suits 12-Mar-1899 Grand Match By Charles Lees
Royal Blackheath 1902 William Innes Royal Blackheath 1902 By William Innes Robert Clark

Jones was born March 17, 1902, in Atlanta. He was clearly a prodigy, and his first championship was the 1916 U.S. Amateur, where as a 14-year-old he went to the third round.

More than any player in history, Bobby Jones is the model of the complete golfer. His crowning glory was The Grand Slam of 1930, in which he became the only golfer ever to win the U.S. Amateur, British Amateur, British Open and U.S. Open in the same year, indeed, the only golfer to win all four in a career. He retired at the end of that year at the age of 28.

Besides his record and character, Jones' greatest legacy is Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament, which he founded in 1934. He played in the tournament several times, never finishing better than 13th. In 1948, he developed syringomyelia, a fluid-filled cavity in his spinal cord causing first pain, then paralysis. Jones never played golf again and was eventually restricted to a wheelchair until his death Dec. 18, 1971.

Liberty has been taken in crossing timelines; included are Regency, Victorian, and Edwardian Eras.
Different locations; the Victorian Era was not limited to the United Kingdom; it was well represented worldwide.

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