The Queen's Prime Ministers

image1In this volume the writer has endeavoured to illustrate a single point — the human relation between a Constitutional Sovereign and her Ministers. Our form of Government may change, and the Victorian legend may become as obsolete as the Elizabethan, but of the imagination of Englishmen both cannot fail to keep fast hold so long as the Empire endures. Meanwhile, to living statesmen, and to those who will follow them, the story indicated in these pages is the primary lesson of that monarchical republic which has been fashioned out of their ancient traditions and their modern necessities by the English people.

1. The Queen's First Prime Minister

2. The Queen's Second Prime Minister

3. The Queen's "Permanent Minister"

4. The Queen and Lord Palmerston

5. The Queen and Lord Beaconsfield

6. The Queen and Mr. Gladstone

7. The Queen and Mr. Gladstone

8, The Earl of Roseebery




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